The biggest winner of the NFL playoffs may be Omaha, Nebraska. It's metro population of 427, 872 received a big boost every time Denver Broncos star quarterback Peyton Manning yelled, "Omaha," at the line of scrimmage last Sunday against San Diego.

"Omaha," was yelled about 44 times by Manning on Sunday. The biggest boost came from social media sites like Twitter, where a few local organizations thanked the four-time MVP for his free publicity he offered the city in Nebraska.

On Twitter, Official Omaha Info, (@VisitOmaha), and Omaha Steaks (@OmahaSteaks) both gave Manning some love by saying, "Thank You," for his contributions in a winning effort over the San Diego Chargers.

When Manning shouts, "Omaha," he is really flipping the play call in effort to confuse the defense.

Next Sunday, Manning's Broncos face off in Denver against Tom Brady's New England Patriots. Omaha should gain plenty of free publicity once again.