We are fortunate in this business to get to see a lot of places. And I had been to Omaha before, but it had been over a decade since I had returned.

Boy am I glad I did.

The city is much different then it was 10 years ago and when I when I opened my window this morning to see the new home of the College World Series to be right in front of me downtown, it was certainly clear things had changed, but for the good!

We had brunch on Saturday and Sunday at a place called Wheatfields, which was amazing.

Then off to the Zoo on Saturday where we had more fun. I mean what a Zoo, top notch and great for all ages.

Saturday afternoon and into Saturday evening we spent our time the Old Market area of downtown shopping and checking out some of the local breweries.

I never knew Omaha had such a selection of breweries.  Very unique and vibrant atmospheres added to the fun.

Dinner Saturday night at a really good Southwestern Restaurant called Stokes followed by a Sunday trip to the Farmers Market but a nice bow on a great weekend.

And the cherry on top... I didn't even get a speeding ticket this trip!


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    TD Ameritrade Park

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    Two Toed Sloth

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    Omaha Zoo

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    Me & The Wifey

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    Omaha Zoo Ride

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    Bread Pudding Wheatfields

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    TD Ameritrade Park

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    Downtown Hilton

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    Downtown Mural

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