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  • Q: If you were to buy a boat. Not just some dinky fishing boat, but a big yacht. What would you name it?


    "The Jolly Roger"

  • Q: What do you think of the Jameis Winston sexual assault allegations and rumors?


    I think its unfortunate that almost a year after the incident, this surfaces. True or not, it seems like every time someone hits it big, someone wants to tear them down.  Just can't get on board with that.

  • Q: Who do you have as your 2013 Hesiman?


    The best player in College Football is Johnny Football.  Johnny Manziel is my 2013 Heisman.  Nobody can bring to the table what he does.

  • Q: What's the best way to get over a long night of drinking and bad decisions?


    Another night of long drinking and bad decisions.

  • If you could be any member of the cast of the Big Bang Theory, which one would you be?


    Leonard has the hot chick, but I have that with my wife. I don't have the smarts like Sheldon. So I'll go with the genius in Sheldon Cooper!

  • Q: You gotta pick 3 restaurants in Sioux Falls to eat at for life, not Famous Dave's or the Hartford Steak House. What are they?


    Phillips Diner, Bogeys & Firehouse Subs.  Honorable Mention: Granite City

  • Q: If you were the Yankees, would you sign Robinson Cano to the huge deal he wants?


    Absolutely not!  Position players aren't worth that kind of money.  Pitchers are.  So no, i'd pay Cano, not the money he wants, but I would like to see him continue in the pin stripes.

  • Q: Would you rather be Greg Schiano, Gus Bradley or Leslie Frazier and Why?

    I would go with Gus Bradley because i feel his job security is the safest.  Bradley is in year 1.  Frazier and Schiano have been around for a few years now.  The future is now and they may be out of jobs come 2014.

  • Q: Best song of Summer 2013?


    Clearly its "Blurred Lines"...

  • Q: Which SEC fan base would score lowest overall on the ACT's?


    First lets narrow it down to SEC football fans. I know Vanderbilt would score the highest, but I've had some unfortunate experiences with Kentucky football fans thinking they were better than they were and thinking they could someday compete for titles in the SEC. So I'd go UK.

  • Q: Which CFB team have you been most impressed with so far this season?


    I have been really impressed with LSU. Not alot of people giving them a chance in the SEC to win another title, but I love their depth, and willingness to stay true to their identity. Plus, you have to be impressed with my favorite team the Miami Hurricanes and their huge win over Florida in week two.

  • Q: What would you put in your tailgating kit to make it a great tailgating experience?


    Gotta have hydration, H2O and Beer!  Then I go steaks not hot dogs and brats. Add some cole slaw and baked beans and some dessert then you're set.

  • Q: Financially speaking Minneapolis is one of the richest sports towns in USA. So why can't the Twins ever do anything?


    For every player that leaves the Twins organization that goes on to do well, there's another who struggles.  Most notably Johan Santana who left Minnesota to go to New York and the Mets and he's only stuggled with injuries since.  I would not put too much into the trade of Justin Morneau, because he's becoming a FA at the end of the season and he's had concussion issues that are alarming.  Ideally yes, you'd like to be good all the time and get all the FA's, but that is not always reality.

  • Q: Who wins today in one on one? Jason Kidd or Steve Nash? Grant Hill or Tracy McGrady? D. Rose or Chris Paul?


    Nash, T-Mac and easy answer - Chris Paul.