OK, raise your hand if you're REALLY surprised that it's Spurs vs. Heat in the NBA Finals. That's what I thought. One of the longest playoffs in sports is grinding to an end predictably with the aging Spurs taking on the over-hyped Heat.

Which means more of the same schlock; Is James the greatest of all time? How many championships will he win? Is this the last hurrah for the Spurs' Tim Duncan last chance? Can the Spurs Big 3 beat the Heat's Big 4?

Yada, yada, yada.

Admit it - even if you're an NBA fan you are tired of hearing the same old, same old every day. Part of me wishes it was the Grizzlies vs. the Pacers. The ratings would have sucked, but at least there would have been some new storylines.

Sigh. I guess if the outcome was predictable we should be predictable with our OVertime Question of the Week: Who will win the NBA Finals - Spurs or Heat?

Hey, don't blame me. Thurn comes up with the questions, I just post them.

Get your answers in by 5 pm to be entered to win a $50 Party Tab to Wileys. Thurn will select one random answer on Wednesday's OT. Tweet answers to @jtespn991