The NBA playoffs - believe it or not - are halfway done (more or less). Is it me, or are the NBA Playoffs the longest post-season in sports? Heck, I think the World Cup is shorter.

That being said, who do you think is the Playoff MVP so far? And come on, don't go with the default answer of LeBron James. We all know he's good, OK. Let's put some thought into this.

Would Golden State have even sniffed the playoffs without Stephen Curry? Did Nate Robinson carry the Bulls further than anyone expected? Is Manu Ginóbili carrying an aging Spurs into the Finals? And what about the Pacers... er, can you even NAME one of them?

So give it some thought and tweet your answer to Jeff Thurn @jtespn991 and you could win a $50 party tab to Wiley's.