Usually on Overtime we highlight a "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week'' who has some affiliation with sports.

This week though, we decided to go a different route.

On Sunday afternoon, I was leaving the east side Wal-Mart here in Sioux Falls, SD.  As i approached my car, I heard a loud crack and glass shattering everywhere.

I looked to my right and there stood a man with a hammer in his hand and car with its passenger side window smashed out.

After assessing the situation, it was made aware that the man couldn't afford the cost of a lock smith to come and get him into his car, yet he could afford the hammer.

Now you are probably thinking what my wife was when I told her of the story as she asked, "Doesn't he realize it will cost more to replace the window than call a tow truck?"

As I explained to her, this guy might be the Skrewed Up Dude of the Week, he doesn't hit the 10 mark on the stupidity meter because he didn't break the drivers side window in which he would of been sitting in glass.  Secondly, it wont cost more for a window than the lock smith because his window will now consist of plastic wrap and duck tape.

To top it all off, as he got in his car, he pulled out his I-Phone and made a call while lighting a cigarette.

Congrats to this poor soul who is our "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week".

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