The Marlins have come a long way since their last World Series victory in 2003 and its certianly not for the best.

From being World Champs almost ten years ago, the Marlins franchise has endured a lot under their owner Jeff Loria.

In 2012, it looked as if things were going in the right direction. A new stadium, a offseason of expensive additions including a new manager and a revival of expectations and enthusiasm within the South Florida community.

However, the story didn't end with a fairytale ending: rather it ended more like a horror film.

This is mainly because of the direction and lack of leadership from Jeff Loria.

After firing Ozzie Guillen on October 23rd, the Marlins were reported to be looking to make additional changes in regards to their roster.

On November 13th, they did just that with a blockbuster trade that seemed to gut their team and leave to hope to Marlins fans who thought this team would be a contender now and into the near future.

Instead, Jeff Loria has left his fan base angry and demanding answers.

And when asked to explain his selfish move to relieve ownership from the salary obligations to his club, he explained it was a move based on performance not money.

But anyone with a brain cell can figure out that Jeff Loria's choice to trade all of his star players was based on him making money and not in the better judgment of his product on the field.

He conned the South Florida community by having them pony up tax dollars for a new stadium, he conned the Marlins fans nationwide into believing they were going to be contenders, but he hasn't fooled us now and he is a prime example of the scum we sometimes find in the sports we love.

So this week, it was as easy for me as it was for Jeff Loria to screw over his community and fan base, to award him with this week's "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week" award.