Every week on my show Overtime, we honor a knucklehead in sports and give him the award of "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week".

This week's recipient was Washington Redskins defensive back, DeAngelo Hall.  Entering his 9th year in the NFL, Hall has had his ups and downs as a player.

Appearing in ProBowls, yet being criticized at numerous points throughout his career for not living up to all the money being paid his way.

Last Sunday as the Steelers hosted Hall's Redskins, DeAngelo's career hit a low point.  After a penalty was called on Hall, he absolutely lost it on head linesman Dana McKenzie.

Now its not uncommon for officials and players to have spats on the field, but this went way beyond the norm.

Hall removed his helmet and began throwing out profanities at McKenzie, which in turn garnered him a unsportsmanlike like penalty.

Instead of moving on with the game, Hall circled back around, and began his profanity laced ti-raid again, becoming more and more agitated and potentially violent.  McKenzie, threw another flag and ejected Hall from the game.

In a sport that allows players and coaches to get away with a lot more lip-jarring than the NBA or MLB, Hall obviously had to cross the line repeatedly to get tossed for no physical contact, making it even more clear that he had completely lost his mind.

Hall will be fined, but not suspended by the league.

So CONGRATULATIONS DeAngelo Hall, not only will you be a little lighter in the pockets this week, but you are also tagged with Overtime's "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week".