Every Monday on Overtime, we have the “Monday Mailbag”, in which listeners can submit questions about anything they want and they don’t even have to be sports related.

Questions can be submitted via Twitter (@jtespn991), via Email (JeffT@espn991.com) or on the Phone Lines 605-362-3776.

One random person will be selected who submits a question for the Monday Mailbag receives a prize pack.

Congratulations to Paul of Brandon, SD who recieved a prize pack for his quesiton this week.  Make sure and submit your questions by noon on Mondays to be eligible.

Here’s a recap of this week’s “Monday Mailbag”.

1. Other than the Hartford Steak Co., what is your favorite restaurant?

As much as I do LOVE the Hartford Steak Co., I do eat at other restaurants.  That being said, I will break it up into two different categories, local and national. As for national I have to roll with Applebees, and specifically the Fiesta Lime Chicken.  As for local, I have to go with "Mixed", not only is it great food, its healthy... Double Bonus!

2. What sport do you think is the hardest to officiate?

I would go the NFL.  First of all, the physicality causes issues for the officials, but secondly, the speed of the game and so much going on across such a  large playing field has to give the NFL the nod for hardest to officiate.

3. You wear a suit coat and dress shirt to do radio, why not sweat pants and t-shirt?

Other than radio, we meet with clients, athletes, coaches and more throughout the day,  Sweat pants and a t-shirt probably wouldn't cut it.  Plus, I'm trying to re-invent fashion trends in the Sioux Empire!

4. Top 2 movies of all time in your opinion?

My all-time favorite movie has to be Top Gun, but honorable mentions have to go to Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and Forest Gump.

5. If you were in the NBA, and we know you'd be on Cloud9, what # would you select?

91. Dennis Rodman.

6. Looking back to the 1992 Dream Team... If you were to take one player off who would it be and who would you replace them with?

A lot of people would remove Christian Laettner because his NBA career didn't turn out like the rest of the greats on the Dream Team.  But I would remove Larry Bird.  He was washed up by 1992 and I would of replaced him with the most dominate center to ever play in the NBA, Shaq!

7. Who won in golf between you and your producer JerryP over the weekend?

Duh, Me!