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Here’s a recap of this week’s “Monday Mailbag”.

1. 1. Who will have a bigger impact in year one, Colton Iverson or Nate Wolters? Aaron Koch-twitter

I think its more about opportunity in the case of these two NBA Draftees.  When you look at Boston, yes, there has been upheaval within the organization, but you really don't know if they want to fill up their roster with aging vets or look to build now with a young player like Colton Iverson.

The Bucks on the other hand will probably get Nate Wolters some quality minutes in year one.  The NBA is a guard oriented league.  Wolters is a guard.  See where I am going... More minutes = More Success for Wolters in year one.

2. How big of mistake is it to leave puig off the all star team? -Lucas twitter

Huge Mistake. The guy is hitting over .400 and is a box office gem.  He is a five tool player and will be one of the greats in the game.  I don't care that he's only been in the league one month, he is a superstar in the making and is playing like a All-Star RIGHT NOW!


3. What is the favorite jersey you own? Bobby email

This question and answer is kind of ironic, because the two jerseys that are my favorites are two jerseys that no longer fit me.  That being my Muggsy Bogues Charlotte Hornets jersey and my Michael Jordan #45 Bulls jersey.  Both are from my child hood, but both will always stay in my possession as my favorite jerseys of all time.


4. Which FA Shooting Guard should the Twolves get? OJ Mayo or Kevin Martin? -BD Twitter

OJ Mayo. Enough said.


5. Would you rather be run over by AP  or get hit any where other than the head by a 100mlb Justin Verlander pitch? -Jay Email

Obviously both would hurt.  But the difference I think is in the scope of your injury as a result of both of these acts that will determine by answer.  With the Verlander pitch, you could get a broken bone, but it would only be one broken bone or one spot of impact.  With a full blown "truck stick" from Adrian Peterson, we're talking multiple injuries.  So I would cut my injuries down by taking the 100MPH pitch from Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers.


6. What Batman movie is your favorite? -Twitter Kevin

I don't watch a lot of movies, but anytime there is a new Batman movie, its a must see in my book.  I've seen all the Batman movies going back to the 80's and have loved everyone of them.  However, if I have to narrow it down to one winner, it has to be the most recent Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises".  It had the special effects, it had the excitement, the intrigue and the possibility of another movie with the way it ended.  Plus, Bane may go down for me as one of the best characters of any movie, EVER.


7. Of the guys who were on capital hill originally in regards to PED use in baseball, who's your least favorite? -Jim T Email

Of the guys that were summoned to Capitol Hill for the congressional hearing back in the early 2000's, for me the least likeable has to be Rafael Palmeiro.  Never was a fan before his career ended and certainly not a fan afterwards.  I'm really not a mustache guy and that may have been Palmeiro's down fall in my book.  I have always loved Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemons and especially Mark McGuire, not so much Palmeiro.   Furthermore, you look at his testimony, and he admittedly denies PED use, yet he was just as guilt as them all.