Every Monday on Overtime, we have the “Monday Mailbag”, in which listeners can submit questions about anything they want and they don’t even have to be sports related.

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Here’s a recap of this week’s “Monday Mailbag”.

1.     What MLB All Star Are you Most Looking Forward to Seeing Next Week? Kyle Twitter

If Yasiel Puig makes it from the LA Dodgers, that would be my answer.  But I have never met Joe Mauer, so I am very excited about that opportunity.


2.     Do you own and ride a motorcycle? Nick Email

No. And your next question would be, will I ever, and the answer is NEVER.  I once had a moped in college and that was cool for getting around campus, but as I always say, "Put a Roof On It".  I like AC, I like cars... I do know how to ride one, but only in first gear.


3.     Favorite Family Vacation as a Child? Niles Email

As a child, my mom won a vacation to go to Sea World off a Life cereal box.  Yes, really, off a Life cereal box.  She was one of two people in the country as a winner.  The trip itself was remarkable.  We got the chance to go behind the scenes and see it all.  Hang out with the Dolphins, swim with the manatees and experience Sea World like no other.  Maybe a per-cursor to the future, while at Disney World, after about a hour, I kept nagging my mother to take me back to the hotel to watch Nebraska play in a bowl game.


4.     What MLB Team not in 1st place do you think has the best chance to win the World Series? Allen Twitter

In the National League, I would say the LA Dodgers and in the American League I would say either the Yankees or Rangers.


5.     Where do you rank Michael Vick amongst current NFL QB’s? Chad Email

I put him right at #16.  I don't think you can discount his skill set yet.  The funny thing is whether or not in what seems the perfect system, whether or not that coach, Chip Kelly decides to keep Vick around or switch to Nick Foles.  If Vick is in Philly, he excels and maybe has the best year we've seen since he has come back to the NFL.


6.     What is your favorite Sub Shop you’ve ever been to? Tony Twitter

Locally its Firehouse Subs and the Brisket Sub.  Nationally, it is Which Wich.

7.     What are your thoughts on the MLB record books and how *'s should be handled? HRs? W/Ls? very slippery slope. Brett Twitter

I have said this so many times on my show and I'll say it again, I don't think there should be any * on any record and those who have been caught or were under the suspicion of PED use should be in the Hall of Fame.  MLB has had its sport see many different scandals and ultimately the use of amphetamines "greenies" ect., have been around the game before and are not even talked about in the same light.  Who knows what kind of impact that had on the sport and the record books.