Every Monday on Overtime, we have the “Monday Mailbag”, in which listeners can submit questions about anything they want and they don’t even have to be sports related.

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Here’s a recap of this week’s “Monday Mailbag”.

1.  What was your favorite Home Run Derby Moment of All Time? Chris Email
 I go back to when I was a kid watching the great home run race of 1998.  That year when Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa were at the Home Run Derby, that for me goes down as the most memorable moment for me.
2. When you do eventually have children, what kind of message will you send to them about PED use and when they ask about PED's in baseball, how will you describe the "Steroid Era"? Matt Email
Well, I will answer that as two questions.  First of all, in regards to the message about PED's in general, it will be a easy conversation, "Don't Do PED's, Be the best you can be with your natural talents.".  The second part, is not as easy.  Its important to remember my stance on PED's and baseball.  My stance has always been that the MLB was the most exciting when PED's were prevalent.  Furthermore, I would explain to them that I don't feel like MLB should apologize for that era and should also refrain from putting  a * next to the names that were perceived users.
3.  What's been your favorite part of NYC so far? Kyle Twitter
Time Square
4. Do you have any big time athletes in your family? Nick Email
I have an aunt who participated in the Olympic trials, and that same aunt has a kid, yes that would be my cousin, who is entering his second year at Iowa State as a quarterback.  His name is Grant Rohach and was a member of the 2011 Elite 11, highlighting the nations top 11 QB's.  He has the size and potential to evolve into a NFL talent.
5. Whats your favorite day of the week? Tony Twitter
Friday.  Love working on a Friday, because I think I am the most motivated considering the weekend is right around the corner.  Plus I love going out to eat with the wifey as well.
6. Who wins in a race... MIke Greenberg or Colin Cowherd? Nicolas Email
Simple, Colin Cowherd.  Greeny is just not a athlete. Not saying Colin is, but he probably wins by default.
7. If you had the choice to take 3 athletes out on the town with you and hit the nightclubs up and party with in NYC, who would they be and why? Alan Email
I would go Rodman, Arod and Wilt in his prime.  Rodman would be the life of the party, Arod gets us in and the girls with Wilt's history in his prime, he closes the deal.  Remember though, all of this is hypothetical considering I am MARRIED!
8. Best gift a listener sent you? Miguel Twitter
I had a listener when I was on SiriusXM, send me a authentic Kevin Durant jersey and a Oklahoma City Thunder hat.