Every Monday on Overtime, we have the "Monday Mailbag", in which listeners can submit questions about anything they want and they don't even have to be sports related.

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Here's a recap of this week's "Monday Mailbag".

1. King Felix or King James? Who is true royalty...

When it comes to putting players in the "royalty" category, one must be selective.  And considering Lebron James is the best athlete on the planet and certainly the best player in the NBA, that one is easy.  Felix Hernandez is not only overpaid, he is not the best pitcher in the Majors and not even the best pitcher in the American League.  So Lebron obviously gets the nod.

2. Will the Wild reach the Stanley Cup Finals at least once in the next 5 years?

The simple answer is YES.  The longer answer is that they need to keep building around their free agency moves from last year.  Picking up two great players is one thing, but having the role guys to compliment them is another and the Wild don't have those players right now.  And in all honesty, it may be about goal play more than position players and the Wild MUST find a goalie that can be a stopper night in and night out.

3. How did you know you wanted to be a Sports Radio Host?

I never really sat down prior to getting into the Sports Radio Business and set out a goal to be a host.  My wife and I were moving to the Southeastern part of the United States and we visited Orlando, Atlanta and Nashville.  While we were in Nashville, I wondered over to a Sports Radio Station and inquired about any entry level openings they may have.  Fortunately they had a producer opening for their Tennessee Titans Training Camp Broadcasts.  I was thrown into the fire and actually got the opportunity to host a show at Training Camp when one of the hosts was sick.  From there I went on to get a local show in the evenings and the rest is history.  More about being in the right place at the right time.

4. What athlete was the biggest jerk that you ever talked to?

I probably wont go athlete here, but coach... The coach being Mick Cronin of Cincinnati... Self absorbed and I wont lose sleep over the fact that I wont probably have to interview him ever again.

5. NASCAR or SOCCER... If you had to go to every NASCAR race or every MLS game for your favorite team, which would you choose?

I would have to go NASCAR.  At least i understand what is going on there. Plus the party prior to, during and afterwards has to be more epic at the NASCAR event than some MLS game.

6. Jeter or Arod, who would you of started your franchise with?

I am a huge Arod guy.  He goes down as one of greatest to ever play the game.  But so does Jeter.  And the thing about Jeter is he is less expensive and less of a distraction than Arod.  I would have to say I start a franchise with Jeter, not Arod.