Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer and linebacker Dave Robinson joined Wednesday's edition of Overtime Live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona.

Hear Robinson's interview with Thurn below:

What were Robinson's thoughts after Green Bay's gut wrenching loss to Seattle?

"I thought we were because that's why I bought the tickets. I've seen a lot of teams slip, melt down and unfold and I never seen a Packer team do it. I never thought I would and I never hope see it again. It was an ugly thing to see. There was just so many things that could have changed that game. The big thing was we lost the killer instinct. We didn't take it to the juggler. When you get ahead on a team, you don't coast. You drive them in the ground. 19 points is not enough. That's only three touchdowns. In the National Football League, like I said, the Seahawks scored 22 points in 25 seconds. 19 points is not enough to lay back and rest on at all. We had arguably the best quarterback in the league and we didn't use him. Ran into the number one run defense in the NFL, and they stopped us. Then we continued running. Shaking my head. When you intercept the ball with 5 minutes, 35 seconds and the guy can run it down, maybe get a field goal, perhaps get a touchdown. Here goes it again. Like a little boy with his fingers in a dike. They pull it out and they can't stop these Packers. Instead we lay down and it's crazy."

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