The NFL Draft has been on tour the last few years after being held in New York City for decades.

Chicago, Philadelphia and now Dallas will all of hosted the NFL Draft after 2018 and while other cities lobby for the NFL Draft to come to their town, the Green Bay Packers are holding off on requesting the Draft be held in Green Bay.

The idea was to potentially have the Draft come to Green Bay in 2019 to celebrate the 100 year existence of the Packers, but the organization has decided to hold off on that request until the new Brown County Expo Center is opened in 2022.

That date is still tentative according to reports.

Regardless of when the date is, it is clear that the Packers will pursue a NFL Draft in Green Bay sooner than later.

The idea to move the Draft around from city to city has been a hit so far all capped by the huge crowds in Philadelphia a year ago.

Fans have been able to be more a part of the event and whether it has been Chicago or Philadelphia, the cities themselves are able to show off their hospitality for all draftees and fans who attend.