The Green Bay Packers won a 27-23 nailbiter on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite receiving the win, the Packers offense looked very rusty and gun-shy at various times.

First off, Aaron Rodgers threw for 199 yards, two touchdowns and ran for a touchdown on Sunday. But the poor guy was scrambling around the pocket the entire game. Bleacher Report even made a meme about it on Twitter.

Even though the offensive line was bad most of the afternoon, Rodgers has to take some of the blame as well. He floated a few of his throws even when he had time to stop and set his feet. Rodgers finished the game going 20-34 but it's concerning that he only averaged 5.9 per toss.

That is an extremely low number and it reflects how the receivers performed as well. Jordy Nelson had six catches for 32 yards and one touchdown after Rodgers danced around the pocket to allow Nelson to find a crease.

Randall Cobb had six catches for 57 yards and no touchdown. Davante Adams had three catches for 50 yards and a touchdown on a throw that only Rodgers could make after being hit.

In their defense, Mike McCarthy must have recognized that the offensive line wasn't holding well because a lot of the plays called were quick hits or quick routes. Green Bay didn't have many plays that allowed players to stretch the field.

Rushing was subpar for Green Bay as well, many of their attempts got stuffed for a two or three yard gain. Eddie Lacy carried the ball 14 times for 61 yards. James Starks carried 4 times for 7 yards. The one highlight on the ground came from a 28-yard rush from Lacy. If you take that one play away, Lacy had 33 yards on 13 attempts for an average of 3.9 per attempt.

The Packers did get the win on Sunday but fans should be worried about better competition down the road. With all the weapons they possess on offense, they looked very out of sync. Hopefully it's just the first game jitters because next week they play against a Minnesota team with one of the best defenses in the league.

Minnesota has a much better pass rush and defensive line to stuff the run. Harrison Smith is also one of the best ball hawking safeties in the league. Rodgers and company will need to be on the same page if they want to put up some points against the Vikings Sunday night.