GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones said he deserved the scolding he got from Aaron Rodgers, shrugging off any temporary tension as a sign of two players showing their competitive nature.

Jones took responsibility for not making the right route adjustment on a play during Thursday night's victory over the Chicago Bears, which led to an interception. Jones said he and Rodgers already had talked about it.

"He apologized, said he's sorry for showing his emotions," Jones said. "But I was like, (there's) no need to apologize. We're trying to win. I messed up. Frustration happens. It's all good. No love lost. We're teammates. We're family in here. Like I said, everybody's trying to win."

Jones took the blame for miscommunication on the play.

"It was my fault," Jones said. "I gave him mixed signals. I mean, we're all emotional out there, man. It's common, man. We do a lot of head gestures and stuff like that, the camera may not just be on us. Me and him, we're both competitive, we're trying to win. It was my fault. We don't ever want to turn the ball over. I'm not mad at him. Shoot, we're trying to win, man. Get on me. I messed up. "

Jones' minor run-in with Rodgers during Thursday's game was overshadowed at the time by the conduct of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who was sacked seven times by the Packers and showed displeasure toward his offensive line throughout the game.

Jones says there's no reason for anybody to think twice about Rodgers' leadership skills.

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