Past history can be very interesting to look at in regards to the performance of a team in a big time game.

Here is the past history of all four teams left in the NFL Playoffs who are playing in the Conference Championship games on Sunday.

The New England Patriots have faired very well once they get to the conference championship games pre and post Tom Brady's appearance in his first conference championship game.

Before Tom Brady, the Patriots were 2-0 and since Brady has been the starting quarterback, they are 5-1.  The major difference is the results in the Superbowl, with the Patriots going 0-2 without Brady as their QB and 3-2 with him.

New England Patriots Conference Championships (7-1)

1985 @ Miami Dolphins W 31-14
1996 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars W 20-6
2001 @ Pittsburgh Steelers W 24-17
2003 vs. Indianapolis Colts W 24-14
2004 @ Pittsburgh Steelers W 41-27
2006 @ Indianapolis Colts L 34-38
2007 vs. San Diego Chargers W 21-12
2011 vs. Baltimore Ravens W 23-20

The other half to this years AFC Championship game is the Baltimore Ravens.  With only three appearances in their short history, the Ravens have had only one win, but it was the same year that they went on to win the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens Conference Championships (1-2)

2000 @ Oakland Raiders W 16-3
2008 @ Pittsburgh Steelers L 14-23
2011 @ New England Patriots L 20-23

Looking at the NFC, one half of the NFC Championship Game is the Atlanta Falcons.  In the history of the franchise, they Falcons have appeared in two Conference Championship games spliting the two.

Atlanta Falcons Conference Championship History (1-1)

1998 @ Minnesota Vikings W(OT) 30-27
2004 @ Philadelphia Eagles L 10-27

The complete opposite end of the spectrum in comparison to the Atlanta Falcons experience in Championship games is the history of the San Francisco 49ers.  Although they have a losing record in such games, there is a lot to comsume as far as past history.

San Francisco 49ers Conference Championship History (5-8)

1970 vs. Dallas Cowboys (First Ever NFC Championship) L 10-17
1971 @ Dallas Cowboys L 3-14
1981 vs. Dallas Cowboys W 28-27
1983 @ Washington Redskins L 21-24
1984 vs. Chicago Bears W 23-0
1988 @ Chicago Bears W 28-3
1989 vs. Los Angeles Rams W 30-3
1990 vs. New York Giants L 13-15
1992 vs. Dallas Cowboys L 20-30
1993 @ Dallas Cowboys L 21-38
1994 vs. Dallas Cowboys W 38-28
1997 vs. Green Bay Packers L 10-23

2011 vs. New York Giants L(OT) 17-20

History is sometimes the best depiction of what the future may bring. However, the past is just that  and we may see a new piece to history this weekend with these two match-ups.