Patrick Woo joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime.

Woo (@P_woo) is a college football analyst and Senior Bowl intern. He joined Thurn from Penn State Communications radio.

Woo on if Johnny Manziel could go No. 1 in the NFL Draft?

"Would I take him No. 1 in the draft? No, because to take the guy, you have to have a 100 percent certainty that he is going to be a star, and with Johnny Manziel, you still have questions, especially off the field and will NFL veteran guys in the locker room respond to him the same way college guys will. I think there is too questions to take a No. 1 pick on him, but will it be a quarterback? I think so. A lot of buzz from Senior Bowl over Clowney, but obviously Bill O'Brien was down there and 90 percent of buzz they are going to take a quarterback whether Manziel, Bridgewater, Bortles, who knows."

To hear more of Woo's interview with Thurn, listen below: