KFAN’s Paul Allen joined Jeff Thurn on Thursday’s edition of Overtime. 

Allen (@PAkfanvikes) is the voice of the Minnesota Vikings on KFAN. Hear Allen's conversation with Thurn below:

Allen's reaction so far on how the NFL has handled Adrian Peterson's case: 

"Nothing really surprises me in the entire thing. The heavy hand of the NFL coming down didn't really surprise me. The inconsistencies with the way how the NFL has handled some of the personal conduct stuff up to Adrian Peterson's decision to be suspended for six games, the remainder of the season at least doesn't really surprise me. You know it's something that I haven't really spent as much emotional time on this week simply because it was so eye opening and difficult up until week two against New England when it all came down. That we have pretty much moved on man. We're two months down the road this season. Team is 4-6, and it's pretty much let bygone be bygone, but if he's back, he back. If he's gone, he's gone."

Peterson, today, told USA Today, that he won't ever use a switch again and was remorseful.

The Vikings play at home, Sunday, at noon against Green Bay.

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