When you think of the Minnesota Twins over the last few seasons, you don't think playoff team... but that could change here in 2015.

A lot of that credit for the early success needs to fall on the lap of Paul Molitor, first year manager of the Minnesota Twins.

We know the accolades as a Hall of Fame player on the field, but some wondered how that success as a player and a hitting coach would transfer to the position of manager.

The answer early is that those skills and knowledge have transferred well.

The Twins are off to their best start in years and the calming force of a seasoned vet like Molitor accompanied by his ability to pass on the distinct knowledge only certain former players posses has allowed for more winning in Minneapolis.

Now the true test will come as a long season continues to play itself out and if the success can be obtainable.

Minnesota Twins President Dave St Peter joined me on my radio show this week and called the season exactly that, a "marathon" and he discussed his pleasure not only with the record, but the managerial skills early from Molitor.

The sustainability is a concern considering a lot of the pieces on this roster haven't expereinced winning like this and everything that comes with it.

That will be up to them on the field, but clearly off the field, the Minnesota Twins are in a great place with my Manger of the Year to this point in Paul Molitor!