A few new gameplay trailers for Peggle 2 have debuted, reintroducing us to Bjorn the Unicorn and getting us acquainted with some new friends.

The short gameplay vids feature that familiar "Ode to Joy" and other classic songs, all while letting us spend some quality time with our new Peggle buddies. While we might be familiar with Master Bjorn, Masters Luna and Berg are completely new.

Master Luna is a floating wraith who looks like she could be the Grim Reaper's daughter. Her levels seem to have floating eyeballs in the middle of the board, so we'll have to see how they could help or hurt us.

Master Berg, on the other hand, is some kind of yeti who always look worried and sports a blue flower in his hair. But perhaps his most distinct features are his pixelated buttocks, which have to be censored when he faces the Peggle board. Yikes.

Check out all of the videos above and below and look out for Peggle 2 when it hits the Xbox One soon.