Get acquainted with friends both old and new in this set of Peggle 2 videos from PopCap Games. And yes, Bjorn the Unicorn is back.

While we're already used to Bjorn and his Super Guide power, we have yet to be introduced to the other masters' powers.

Up first is Berg, the ballet-obsessed yeti whose butt needs to be censored at all times; his power is the Deep Freeze, which causes ice to grow around the board and makes it so that pegs slide into each other.

Next is a troll named Jeffrey, who's an expert bowler and goat lover. His power is the Bowlder, which is a gigantic rock that drops down and crushes any peg in its way.

Luna is a little girl who doesn't know that she's a ghost. This might seem a little macabre, but she's pretty cheery regardless of this fact. Her power is Nightshade, which turns all of the blue pegs into ghosts, allowing your balls to pass through them and hit orange pegs unfettered. It also provides the added bonus of resurrecting recently destroyed pegs for more points.

The final master is Gnorman, a gnome who rides inside of a larger gnome mecha. His power is called the Uber Volt, which shocks balls and causes them to discharge electricity whenever they hit pegs.

Now that you've met your masters, you only have to wait until Peggle 2 is released first on Xbox One on Dec. 9.