Phil "CM Punk" Brooks left the WWE back in January, and now he's onto his next venture in the UFC. The move to the UFC is not only the best move for Punk, but also for the UFC.

The UFC has found its Pay-Per-View numbers slowly decreasing over the last year. They have increased of the amount of shows that are done in a year, thus leading to less talent being stacked onto one card. The company is not struggling by any means, but it isn't what it was a couple of years ago.

How do you sell a $54.99 Pay-Per-View? You need a name and an intrigue. The UFC no longer has Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, or BJ Penn running the weight divisions. Now, the biggest name holding a belt is Jon Jones in the light heavyweight division. Typically champions defend their belt about twice a year, but what else on the card is going to draw?

Enter a guy like CM Punk. Punk was the WWE Champion, and arguably on top of the company, for over a full year. He has the name and popularity, and now he has the intrigue of the general public. How so? The question will soon turn to "how can this former 'fake' pro wrestler come into the 'real sport' and even stand a chance?" Punk will have the chance to prove those people wrong.

That is exactly why this is the best move for business. UFC fans are intrigued over whether he can actually fight. WWE fans will jump to buy the show in support of, or even to root against, CM Punk. The money is already being printed.

Best part for the UFC? It doesn't even have to be the main event of a show. UFC President Dana White made it clear in his press conference that this will be treated differently than when Brock Lesnar came to the company. In other words, they aren't going to throw CM Punk directly into the Octagon against one of the top fighters in the world. They will give him a fight against a guy with about the same experience.

White is a smart guy and won't give CM Punk's first fight away on free television either. There is way too much money to be lost doing so. Punk will give a PPV boost that will be among one of the highest of the year, and I'll go to bat for that.

Punk has been signed to the company and will fight "sometime in 2015." It's in his hands to become successful to make a ton of money, and into the hands of the UFC to grow even more. It's a pure win-win for both sides.

And I've got my $54.99 ready to go whenever he's on the card.