New Sioux Falls Skyforce head coach Phil Weber joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime. 

Weber is the Skyforce's 17th head coach in team history, and has been a consultant for the Miami Heat since 2012. Previously, Weber has served as an assistant coach for the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns. He also redshirted for the North Carolina State Wolfpack during the 1982-1983 college basketball season.

Hear the conversation between Thurn and Weber below:

What has Weber's experience been like since joining the Skyforce?

"Well no it's a condensed period. You know in the NBA, you have your draft in June, you have summer league and get to evaluate. You have to August to sit and ponder. Then you bring guys in and training camp is a whole month. Here you have your draft, your opening team meeting and your first practice in three or four days. We are talking highly concentrated, but we couldn't be happier with the group of guys we have as far as their commitment. We may be a little on the younger size, relatively speaking because some of the D-League as they went in the draft, we chose to go with some guys that hadn't played in the league a bunch. But they've worked out well and again, they couldn't be working harder."

How has being a head coach now changed Weber's preparation? 

"Well you know it's somewhat the same, but I just have more. You know because even as an assistant, you give your suggestions on almost everything, now it's going to be as I think of our line-up, the rotation, ATO's, or whatever our timeout strategy is going to be. You know it's on me. I have my feelings and philosophy on most of the stuff. I probably will evolve over the course of the year with this being my first year. But so far it feels kind of natural. I feel very comfortable there."

The Skyforce play at home at the Sanford Pentagon, Saturday, against the Iowa Energy.

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(Dan Peters/KSOO)