Sometimes there are stories in life that are connected to sports, but certainly transcend sports with purely the core of the story.

Whenever I hear the horrific news that someone has cancer, it hits me hard.  Whenever I hear a child has cancer, it hits me even harder. We all can probably relate having known someone or had a family member affected by the disease.

The story of Conrad Adam is one of heartbreak, endurance, commitment, faith and hope all wrapped into one.

A budding basketball star at Pierre High School, Conrad was looking forward to a bright future playing basketball.  However, cancer stopped those dreams in their track.

Although some would crumble at the news of a devastating disease, Conrad rose above it and not only been inspirational through his fight, he's always kept a great attitude.

Now, Pierre's Conrad Adam is cancer-free. Adam learned the news Wednesday morning at a doctor's office in Houston, TX.

While he will still need regular checkups, he seems to be in the clear. Adam was diagnosed with bone cancer this past August and immediately gained the support of thousands.  As part of the fight against the cancer, Conrad had to have his left leg amputated from just above the knee down.

"(The support) Put me in a better mood to fight every day. I don't know what to say, just thank you to everybody. Really lucky for who has helped me through this journey," Adam said. "It's been quite the roller coaster, but couldn't be happier right now."

I personally haven't ever met Conrad and other than following him on Twitter, I have had no contact directly with this Superstar of a person, but I can tell you he's directly affected my life.

At the 2013 Class AA State Tournament, Conrad made appearances as he cheered on his Govs to a State Championship.  But to see what he meant to that community, that team and more so to all the people fighting cancer as well, was breathtaking.  I have never been brought to tears on the air, but as I called the State Championship Game on ESPN 99.1 that March night, I would myself with tears in my eyes.

Not because I was sad for Conrad, because I knew even though he wasn't on the court, he was as much a part of that team as anybody.  And through prayer, commitment and faith, it was clear he would fight and come out on the right side of this.  Which he has!

The reason I was moved was because not every day are you able to be in the presence of greatness.  That night we were.  We were in the presence of a great young man, a fighter and more so a inspiration now and into the future for so many others who can now lean on the fact that Conrad did it and so can they!