In five days, the PlayStation 4 will launch here in the U.S., and in what it likely going to be a week-long hype-fest for the next-gen console, Sony has released and official unboxing video. It sure is something.

Unlike your standard unboxing video, Sony took things to a new level of bizarre and ostentatious with this one. Set in what appears to be the set from 'Hackers,' a mysterious man in gloves approaches the PlayStation 4 box with determined interest. As the music picks up, we're given our first glimpses of all the included bits inside their packaging.

Typically, these kinds of videos are a bit more dry, so kudos for Sony for trying something a little bit different. Even though this vid is a bit on the cringeworthy side, Shuhei Yoshida is sure happy to let us know greatness awaits this Friday.