SIOUX FALLS - An eight-hour weekend saturation patrol by Sioux Falls Police resulted in eight drunk driving arrests and 29 speeding tickets by the 16 additional officers who were working.

The saturation patrol was conducted to target seat belt violations, and Lieutenant Jerome Miller says 30 motorists were cited for not being buckled in.

Miller says the 16 officers worked in 39 complaint zones throughout the city, from 8 p.m. Friday to 4 a.m. Saturday.

Lieutenant Jerome Miller Talks About the Patrols:

Among the 159 citations, he says the officers also wrote citations for five alcohol offenses, four narcotics violations and 46 warning tickets.
Miller says 13 motorists were driving with revoked or suspended licenses and 28 had no valid proof of insurance.

Police will conduct a daytime saturation patrol from 8am until 4pm this Saturday.