We knew Polytron was working with Sony to bring the popular platformer Fez to the PlayStation family, but we still hadn't seen the game in motion on the PS3 or Vita. Until now.

The developer took to its Twitter to post a teaser for the upcoming Vita port of the acclaimed platformer. There's not much action to notice in the Vine, but knowing Polytron has it working on Sony's handheld bodes well for fans eagerly awaiting the chance to play Fez on the go.

There's still no word on a release date for the various PlayStation versions, but this next edition of Fez will probably be the last time we get to enjoy Fez. Though a sequel was revealed earlier this summer, Phil Fish announced Fez 2 was cancelled after a bit of a falling out with people on Twitter not too long afterwards.

We've been looking for an excuse to replay the fantastic title, and its arrival on the Vita just might give us the kick in the butt we've needed to give Fez another chance.