The racing went wrong on Saturday night at Knoxville Raceway for well known sprint car driver Terry McCarl. The racer out of Des Moines, Iowa was involved in a crash that has him suffering injury.

McCarl is a legend around here having won more events at Huset's Speedway than any other driver in the track's rich history. In addition he has garnered eight season championships at Huset's.

McCarl is equally known for his many achievements of numerous victories and championships at Knoxville Raceway, the legendary track in Iowa.

McCarl was racing in a National Sprint League event at Knoxville on Saturday night. He started the 25 lap race near the front on the second row.

After completing lap number one, something broke on the steering of his car. This had him going down the front stretch out of control.

McCarl was able keep the car from tipping over and came to a stop. But the stop was in a dangerous position sitting sideways entering turn one with the left side of his car exposed to oncoming traffic.

Brad Loyet, who was running deep in the field, hit McCarl directly between the cockpit and the left rear tire. McCarl's car took a hard hit and suffered serious damage.

Take a look at the crash:

McCarl suffered a fractured L4 vertebrae. Typically this type of injury can have a driver sidelined between one month to a year.

The next few days will answer a lot of questions about McCarl’s future after the swelling from the injury goes down.