Nobody would know the life of a racer any more than Terry McCarl. He not only has done it for a living his whole adult life, but he grew up with his father doing it.

And now his two sons are driving race cars. Sprint car racing has been a way of life, period.

Driving an outlaw sprint car is dangerous business. If you're scared of breaking some bones, you probably don't want to strap into one of these 900 horsepower machines.

Terry told me that when he was a little kid, he watched his dad rebuild his car with two broken legs. I remember Terry himself having to be lifted out of a car with a broken leg in victory lane after winning a race.

Terry was recently involved in a crash where he suffered a much worse injury. Terry was in a crash at Knoxville Raceway breaking his back.

He was back racing in less than a week. I talked with him about his injury. He explained, "I've got a broken L4 vertebrae."

I asked him if he was in pain. He answered, "I would never admit to that."

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