On Friday a story ran in the Boston Herald that said Tom Brady is holding out because he is making less money than Jimmy Garoppolo... That apparently wasn't true.

The story had "sources close to Brady" involved in the piece, but according to CBS Sports, that source was a frequent caller into WEEI radio in Boston.

According to the report, the caller started texting a Boston Herald writer information as if he was the agent for Tom Brady.

The Herald didn't check the phone number associated with the texts and ran a story with information from those texts that weren't true.

Personally as a media member, I find a lot of humor in the whole thing.

First of all, it is funny and secondly it makes you a lot more aware of how important checking multiple sources on a big story can be.

Meanwhile, the story has been taken down from the Boston Heralds website.

The full account of the story will make you laugh as well. 

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