Sunday night at Huset's Speedway, chalk up another win for Mother Nature. So far, 4 of the 7 events in 2014 have rained out.

This one was probably the biggest let down of all. That's because racing had already started before the cancellation came.

After 20 minute rain delay at race time that only amounted to sprinkles, the action got underway. Heat races were completed for the stock cars and B mods.

Then sprint cars rolled onto the track. The first heat for the 360's ran.

But heat number two never even got started when the rain reappeared. Within minutes the track was wiped out.

And the race was called with the final heat for the 360's never running and a field of 20 outlaw sprint cars that never even got to go into the staging area.

When you see a sprint car covered up like this, it means trouble:

Huset's Speedway