Heavy rains from the weekend had Huset's officials scrambling to make some kind of attempt for getting the Father's Day race in.

At 12 noon I talked with Steve Rubin, the track owner. He said at that time,

I don't know if we can get tonight in. Two thirds of the parking lot is flooded. We may only be able to use the North entrance and have to close the South one. And the creek on the South end is rising, I think it has rose three inches since we started talking. And the real crazy thing is, the track may get too dry to race on. That's right, too dry. The track itself will need water, and we can't get the water truck filled with water because where we fill it is flooded out. The infield and the parking lot are the big issue. Can we do anything about it? We are trying.

Approximately an hour later another shower came thru. And that was it. Huset's cancels for tonight, June 15.

That makes 5 of 8 events rained out.