A little rain never stopped a baseball game.  A lot of rain yes.  But a little snow? That's another story.

With the first series of the Major League Baseball season complete the Minnesota Twins are riding the plus side after taking two out of three from Baltimore. That's really good especially starting the season on the road and in a part of the country that we hoped would have ideal playing conditions.

That all changes now as the Twins move on to Pittsburgh for a pair beginning today. But the forecast isn't promising. After early morning snow the high at game time is to be about 41 degrees. And for game two on Wednesday rain showers are predicted.

Yes its spring and April showers and all that but this winter was a long one. Baseball fans are hungry for green grass, pine tar and a beer in one had while having a glove on the other.

Just so you know the Twins season home opener is this Thursday, April 5. The high temp in Minneapolis is to be 35 degrees.

Is it too late for the roof?