In a normal NFL year, Redskins running back Alfred Morris would have been a leading contender for Rookie of the Year. But with teammate RGIII’s sensational debut behind center and Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson making headlines at quarterback, Morris had to be content with being named to the Associated Press All-Pro team.

The sixth-round draft pick out of Florida Atlantic helped lead Washington to the playoffs with 335 carries for 1,613 yards and 13 touchdowns and was honored as a finalist for the Pepsi MAX Rookie of the Year and FedEx Ground Player of the Year awards.

For the second year, the NFL’s brightest current, former and future stars shined at the 2nd Annual National Football League Honors. Hollywood and NFL stars walked the red carpet at the Mahalia Jackson Theater before the signature event which honors the best players and performances during the 2012 season.

Morris took a few minutes to talk about his first Super Bowl experience, music and why he stays humble and focused.

What’s it like for you to be in New Orleans to celebrate the Super Bowl?

Alfred Morris:  It’s great. It’s going to bring a lot of revenue. Coming in off the plane and driving into the city you can still some of the damage from Katrina that’s still around and it saddened me a little bit but once you get into the city it’s so lively and what’s been going on since then and all the help that’s poured into the city. This event coming back here for the Super Bowl is great bringing all the revenue and boosting the locals and their businesses. I’m glad it’s back here and I’m glad that it’s my first Super Bowl.

What’s the guilty pleasure song on your iPod?

Alfred Morris: Oh man [laughs]. I really don’t listen to much music. I listen to Katy Perry “Wide Awake” a lot. Don’t tell anybody that [laughs].

What famous woman are you hoping is watching you play on Sundays?

Alfred Morris: That’s a tough one. Sanaa Lathan. I’m a huge fan.

Congratulations on a fantastic rookie season and thank you from all my friends who had you on their fantasy teams.

Alfred Morris: Thank you. Glad to help out.

You’re one of three Redskins rookies on the ballots for NFL Honors, how do you feel about that?

Alfred Morris: That’s kudos to the coaching staff, the “big wigs” I like to call them, Bruce Allen and everyone who makes decisions for the Redskins organization, including Mr. [Dan] Snyder. It speaks volumes about their decision-making and the way they’re turning this program around.

What was the first big purchase you made after you signed your first NFL contract?

Alfred Morris: I didn’t treat myself to anything, honestly. Just being here was treat enough. Signing my name on a contract was treat enough because it took a lot to get here. I took a road less traveled, it was tough, it was hard, I made a lot of sacrifices. But I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor and just to keep my dream alive and make it a reality is reward enough.