Well, it's that time of year. All of us God Fearing Patriotic loyal Americans need to file the 'ol W2's, 1099's and whatever else the Federal Government (and for some, the ever popular State Goverment) requests.

Then, it's deciphering all the numbers, crunching them, re-arranging them, deducting this and that, keeping this receipt and that scrap of paper until finally.....

Well, it's either add to the Government coffers or expect a refund. And if it's a refund, what to do with it?

Diapers for the baby, groceries for the pantry (pantry? Well, we had one growing up!). Maybe something not 'needed' but wanted! That Big Screen TV? Vacation? Maybe catch up on a few of those nasty Credit Card bills?

Let's face it...there's always a place for the refund to go.

Or you could just head to the local Strip Club and have a little fun. No harm done, right?

Well, according to the Associated Press...

(AP) - Honey, what happened to the tax return money?

Police charge a South Texas man didn't want to tell his wife he spent the money at a topless bar. According to authorities, Jesus Mata told officers he was robbed of $1,000 by men with assault weapons.

But officers say after a search for suspects, they questioned Mata a second time and his story started to fall apart.

The 21-year-old Mata was taken to the Cameron County jail, on a charge of filing a false report.