If there were going to be heavy losses incurred by Sony for offering the PlayStation 4 at a $399 price point, the company doesn't seem too worried. Perhaps that's because Sony has confidence those losses can be recouped after just a few extra purchases.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Sony Japan executive Masayasu Ito discussed Sony's launch plans in regards to getting a financial return on the PlayStation 4. The site's sources indicated Sony is expected to lose approximately $60 for every PS4 sold. Ito related it would merely take the purchase of at least one launch title and a PlayStation Plus subscription to keep Sony in the black.

While Ito wouldn't go into detail about the exact numbers need to make a profit on the PS4, but he did intimate Sony would be able to see profit much quicker this generation than it had with the PlayStation 3.

Additionally, Sony confirmed the new PlayStation Eye camera would support voice and gesture commands. Engadget revealed the news out of TGS this week, ending speculation about just what kind of functionality users could expect from the camera peripheral. Unlike Microsoft's Kinect, the PlayStation Eye is entirely optional, so it remains to be seen just how integral it becomes for PS4 owners in regards to playing next-gen games.