Robert Lusetich of Fox Sports joins Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime.

Lusetich (Fox Sports Senior Golf Analyst) adds some historical context Rory McIlory's win at the British Open a few weeks ago:

"Well I mean obviously a huge win and we've seen it before from Rory. When he gets going, he is hot stuff. I mean when he is hitting long and straight with the driver, everything starts with him with the driver as he did at Hoy Lake. He was pounding the driver and it was going way down there and leaving himself not a lot of distance to the hole. Hit some excellent irons, but also had putted very well. So, he's very much a confidence player and as I like to say, people are always saying, is he the next Tiger? I don't think he's the next Tiger, but he to me is like the next Phil Mickleson. In that when he's on, he's unbeatable, but is going to have a lot of weeks when he is searching for his game. He doesn't have the consistency of Tiger Woods and having said that, that's not a knock on him, but we will never again see a guy that is going to win nine out of 12 tournaments, and finish second and fifth in another one as Tiger did in a 10-month stretch in his career or win seven out of 11 majors. These things are not going happen again in our lifetime."

To hear more of Lusetich's interview with Thurn, listen below:

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