Rocky Boiman joined Jeff Thurn on Monday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.Boiman played nine years in the NFL for Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Tennessee. He is now an NFL analyst with Dial Global. Hear his conversation with Thurn below:

Boiman adds his opinion on Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer's comments after Sunday's loss to Detroit. Thurn asks Boiman how player's respond to a coaches remarks: 

"I think some good can come from it. I've never played for Mike Zimmer, but he had a tremendous amount of respect from players. They still talk about him here still in Cincinnati. So, as a coach has the respect of his team, he can go call guys out. I frankly like his old-school mentality. 'Look, you guys are conducting your business in a way that is not conducive to us winning football games.' I have no problem and the players that do, probably shouldn't be around there. I think one of the other biggest issues for the Vikings is obviously is Teddy Bridgewater. You bring him in, when the plan was going to fit him in and he goes out and gets sacked eight times. How many times have we seen it when young quarterbacks are rushed into action early on and they get sacked a lot. Took a day to see what kind of quarterback he has been if he wasn't getting sacked every play? Does it hurt his development in the long run? I guess that remains to be told."

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Sam Tastad/ESPN 99.1