Rocky Boiman joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

Boiman played nine years in the NFL for Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Tennessee. He is now an NFL analyst with Dial Global.

Thurn asks Boiman about his position on the new NFL lawsuit filed by eight former players including Jim McMahon, Keith Van Horne, and Richard Dent. 

"Well, first of all, my position on it is I'm almost embarrassed to be a former NFL player and a part of the shield in the NFL to now have these guys coming out. I mean, is personal responsibility gone is this world? At what point do people have responsibility for their own actions. No one forced them to take painkillers, and things like that. I can understand the concussion lawsuit a little bit. In the back of mind, I still see it as a money grab, but this one in particular, I can't understand. You ask any NFL player right before the game, you want to play today or we are thinking about sitting you because you look a little dinged up. Every player to a man, including myself is going to do what they have to do get on that field. That's what makes you a football player, and again on one side of your mouth, these players are saying I'm a tough guy, I'm in this tough sport they call football. Then, the other side of your mouth, I'm saying I'm a victim. I don't understand why they did it, and I think it's ridiculous. I feel very strongly about it."

The lawsuit is seeking financial damages and an injunction that would create a program funded by the NFL helping current and past players with addictions, injuries, and disabilities related to their use of painkillers.

Boiman on the NFL's decision to give Minnesota a Super Bowl in 2018? 

"I think outside of Minnesota, where everyone is excited, they are scratching their head a little bit. Good for Minnesota, it's a great town, and all of that, but the NFL is so lucky in everything they do, and you look at the Super Bowl that was in Indy, and that was great. They got blessed...Same thing last year in New York, they thought there was going to be a blizzard and it turned out to be 59 degrees or something. At some point, their going to get caught and you hope it's not in Minnesota. I got a good buddy from college that lives there, and that weather is brutal. If you live in Minnesota, you know what I'm talking about. I don't have to tell you. Let's hope that doesn't happen, but it's a little bit of head scratcher if I'm just looking at it. One time the NFL is going to roll the dice and it's not going to work out the way they want. Hopefully, it's not this one."

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