With a week of talk of performance enhancing drugs in sports ranging from Alex Rodriguez to Ray Lewis, Roger Goodell spoke about the future of the NFL and testing for HGH in the sport this morning in his state of the NFL address from New Orleans.

The NFL agreed to begin testing a couple of years ago, but they had not begun the process as of this year.

Looking towards the start of the 2013 season, Commissioner Goodell would like to make that a reality.

In his address this morning, he discussed the push to test for HGH and the benefits to do so ASAP.

"Suspensions get through to the players," Goodell said. "We have seen an escalation in the discipline because we are trying to take these techniques out of the game. I stand by our record, because I think we have made those changes and have made the game safer. But I think we are going to have to see discipline continue to escalate, particularly on repeat offenders."

Testing for HGH is a good idea for the NFL as they don't want to fall into the same umbrella as MLB 10 years down the road and be a victim of their own negligence.