Ron Zook joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime to discuss college football, and what it is like to work with the Green Bay Packers and Mike McCarthy. 

Zook is a former Illinois and Florida football head coach. Currently, he is an assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers. Hear his FULL interview with Thurn right here:

What's it like working with head coach Mike McCarthy every day? 

"Mike and I were together when I was a defensive coordinator and he was the offensive coordinator with the Saints. We know each other and know each other's work ethic. A lot of the same things. Obviously, it's changed a little bit, but the same general plan for practice how we prepare and things you have to be prepared for. Certainly, it's been an easy transition for me."

Was it a good move for college football to give the top five conferences more autonomy and power? 

"Well, I think it was inevitable, and going to happen. I don't think there's any question whether it was good or bad or different. That's just kind of the direction that the game is was going and I always felt like a lot of the rules were regulated by the people who didn't have the opportunity to do some of those things. That doesn't take away from them, but I think the level of college football and where it's going, I think to me it is going to make it a cleaner game. There's not going to be as many fringe or gray areas and things that guys are always trying to get an advantage."

Today, the NCAA board voted 16-2 to allow schools in the five major college football conferences to write many of their own rules.

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