Former No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft, Ryan Leaf has been hired by ESPN as a college football analyst.

This continues to be a part of a huge personal comeback for Leaf, who has battled drug addiction which eventually landed him prison.

In the 1998 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts took Peyton Manning with the first overall pick and the San Diego Chargers went with Leaf.

Both were Heisman Trophy finalists that year, but Leaf never saw his NFL career get off the ground, while Manning put together a Hall of Fame career.

I have had Ryan Leaf on my show multiple times and I have always been amazed at his passion for a game that helped contribute to his ups and downs in life.

He not only can talk some college football but he can drop some knowledge on personal lows and turning them into a redemption story.

I think he will be a great addition to college football coverage on ESPN and will be a color analyst along Clay Matvick on games mainly on ESPN 2 and ESPNU.