ESPN's Ryen Russillo joins Jeff Thurn on Monday’s edition of Overtime.

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Thurn asks Russillo if the BCS could have picked the same four that are in the college football playoff:

"Yeah, Florida State would have been ranked higher in it (BCS). If obviously we are going BCS, I think you would have a bigger argument about well are the two? But if you wanted to go four with the BCS. Look, I mean no matter what you do, there are going to be issues and there is no perfect system. And it was kind of funny after years of hearing, 'oh the computers don't know whose heard.' 'The computers don't know what margin of victory is.' That now you have a group of 12 people, they're like humans are always inherently biased. At some point, I think we are. I just don't have a problem. They are smart people who seemed like they put the time in it that wanted to be a little more progressive into the way they thought about evaluating teams. I like some of things they did. I like people weren't married to their spot. I liked that they challenged that even though Florida State was undefeated, they could put them behind other teams. I disagree with Ohio State at four over Baylor because I think the Big 12 is superior to the Big 10. But I'm not outraged. I can disagree with something. I can think something is wrong, but also understand if I was in that room and somebody was arguing for Ohio State, I couldn't emphatically defend Baylor over them. That's just my opinion that I think Baylor is better, but I very well could be wrong."

Russillo discusses how not having a championship game ultimately hurt the Big 12:

"Yeah I think really what the Big 12 was doing after a few years of going through it and felt like, okay, we don't have a championship game and not having 12 teams. They could have done that. I read too that I believe they could have petitioned to at least have another game. But I felt like the Big 12 looked at it not as another chance to prove how good your best teams are, which is the way I look at a conference championship game, but a way to avoid it and keep your top dog in that fight for a spot in the four. I mean for him (Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby) to come out this morning and say I wish the committee would have told us. Like what are you new? Come on man. I understand your upset. That's what I was funny as we started gearing up for this summer. Is that how could you have all these guys get together and know at the very least one of the big boys is going to be left of this? Like one of you because we went to four teams, will be left out it. This whole college football world has been created to make sure money stays in power conferences and power teams. Which by the way, I don't have problem with because I think that's the majority who we want to watch except for the small geographical fan bases that are into their small teams. But for most part, most of the country wants to watch the big boys. That's what they got, and the Big 12. You can sit there and criticize them for getting greedy at the last minute, if Florida State loses, if Ohio State loses, we could get two Big 12 teams. That wasn't too far away from happening where you could have got two Big 12 teams in this whole deal maybe if Oregon would have lost to Arizona or showed to be a close game. I don't think the Big 12. I don't think it would have been any different. I don't think the Big 12 say we anoint and hereto declare Baylor the champion by way of head-to-head. That criticism that they got greedy in that they tried to get two in. Still if they announce if Baylor is in, I think the committee would have gone with Ohio State because they love that extra game and the fact they are a conference champion."

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