Seriously WOW.

I am in shock after watching this year’s BCS National Championship Game.

Alabama is clearly the best team this year in College Football after their dominating win over the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in Miami 42-14.

I thought going into the game that Notre Dame would be able to mustard up some offense early and be able to put Alabama on their heels. However, that was not the case and in fact, Alabama did just that to Notre Dame.

Throughout the season, the defense of Notre Dame had played extremely well, but never the speed that the Crimson Tide brought to tonight’s game.

The speed of the Alabama offense at the skill positions in addition to the total defensive speed is remarkable and truly was the difference.
Alabama didn’t allow Notre Dame to get anything deep and the defense kept everything in front of them the whole game.

Most people are asking themselves if Alabama is this good or if Notre Dame is this bad. I think the answer lies in the fact that Alabama is played their best game of the season and Notre Dame is played their worst, it just so happens to be on the same night in the BCS National Championship.

The questions will also arise about the game preparation from Brian Kelly. Kelly is a good coach and those that follow the game know that. It wasn't about preparation in this game, it was about talent and the talent factor clearly was in the Tide's favor.

So once again, the SEC is a top the College Football world and for the third time in four years Alabama is the Champion. Begin the dynasty discussion now please!