Sarah Jain is a 25-year-old model and actress from Los Angeles. A fit, leggy blonde, Sarah loves modeling, traveling the world and, as she says, 'promoting her favorite flower.' We'll give you 420 guesses as to which bud she likes best.

Sarah Jain has done bikini and fashion modeling, as well as several fitness and music videos, usually wearing a swimsuit or other sexy outfit. She played a 'sexy lumberjack chick' in Mastodon's video for 'Curl of the Burl', which may be the most awesome experience ever listed on a resume in the history of the world.

Sarah Jain has also served as a model for many brands like Kill Your Culture, 313 Merch, Dime Bags, Greenhouse Seed Co. and others. She travels the world in pursuit of her modeling gigs, often finding herself in Amsterdam.

Sarah Jain does do nude modeling, but the preparation for that work has taken its toll. As per her profile:

'I have had a few treatments for laser hair removal on my pubic area, so it is impossible for me to grow a bush, only scraggly stubble will grow!'

See? Sarah Jain is not just beautiful and ambitious, she has sacrificed for her craft.

Height: 5’4” | Weight: 105 lbs. | Bust: 32" | Waist: 23” | Hips: 31"