In Pierre, Monday, the Senate State Affairs Committee agreed to send to the Senate floor, SB 125. This bill deals with the delicate, tricky, and usually very stressful issue of parenting the kids after a divorce.

For the record,  I am a guy, be aware I may have some bias on this issue. However, I don't think my bias is stronger than a female. Also, any bias I may have is much less than those dastardly lawyers who financially benefit when couples "duke" it out in divorce proceedings. They get paid by the hour, you know. Many of the lawyers who benefit from the current biased system, testified against this bill.

As the presumed "Nurturer in Chief" mom has usually gotten custody and control of when and if dad can see the kids. Tandem with that assumption is this: Dad just needs to provide the child support and his interaction with the children is inconsequential. So every few weeks, for a few days is enough.

Scientific studies now prove the importance of dad in a child's life. The shooter at Sandy Hook had little contact with his father. Prisons are full of people who say they didn't have a dad in their life. Dads are important.

SB 125 will balance the scale in court when it comes to custody and parenting time. It creates a "Shared Parenting" foundation. An abusive parent will be discovered, and held accountable. Currently, mom has the advantage and most of the control. That is unfair to dad, the kids, and society.

Most states have some form of "Shared Parenting" in their lawbooks.

Senate Bill 125 should become law in South Dakota. .