Sioux Falls Public School Superintendent Dr. Pam Homan officially announced her retirement on Friday.  The process to replace her will soon begin.  

School Board President Kent Alberty is currently serving in his third term on the body.  He says the process begins Monday evening in an executive session during the regular meeting.  He says that could include hiring an outside firm to conduct a search for candidates although numerous options are available.

Some resources are available to the School Board in the hiring process.  A couple of them are the National School Board Association and the South Dakota School Board Association.  Alberty says these organizations will help give direction and support.  "There are other school districts out there (close to) the size of Sioux Falls with a similar number of employees that have some of the same issues of growth."  By leaning on those organizations Alberty believes the board will be well-served in getting the right person to fill Homan's role.

Homan will continue in her capacity as Superintendent until June 30, 2015.