Bleacher Report baseball analyst Scott Miller joined Jeff Thurn on Thursday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

Miller left CBS Sports as a senior baseball columnist to join Bleacher Report, and wrote his first column yesterday.

Miller on Masahiro Tanaka's first two starts for the New York Yankees since coming over from Japan: 

"About what I've expected, I don't think anybody thought that where ever he went he was penalized. You're 24-0, or some ridiculous thing. He's not going to pull that again. The first start against Toronto, three runs, two earned in seven innings. Baltimore yesterday, three runs earned in seven innings. I think he's getting comfortable and getting his feet on the ground here in the Major Leagues. At times he's looked terrific, at times he's looked ordinary."

Miller on what he's noticed in the first couple of weeks in the MLB season?

"The Seattle Mariners start has been just what they needed. Mariners have obviously been an entity at much the last several years. With Robinson Cano, they laid out the big money, and I think what they done early, who knows if they can sustain it, and didn't have James Paxton going to the disabled list already, they have some pitching issues, but that's been a really nice story. Tigers off to a good start, I think in the National League, that Charlie Blackomon, an outfielder for the Rockies, what a seven or eight days he's had. That's very great story there. Nationals early on, looked to where they are back to have a chance to where they were two years ago. Brewers, 6-2, they are off to good start, and need to get some early momentum. The fact that Ryan Braun seems to be swinging, you know and we have to take it in faith that he's clean, but he's tried to tell us in past he's clean and he wasn't. There's tests out there, and a suspension. So, theoretically, and hopefully, Ryan Braun isn't taking them himself. But the home runs he's hitting, the pitching he's getting, Gallardo's stepped up and been really good. Brewers have been a really nice story and out there in the National League West, the Dodgers have enough injuries with Kershaw out, A.J. Ellis, their catcher, out for the first month, leaves an opening for the Giants to maybe early nudge ahead for a bit. The Giants Tim Hudson pitched very well the other night. I think they are going to pretty good this year."

To hear more of Miller’s interview with Thurn, listen below:

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